For authors

Dear Colleagues!

The editorial board accepts original, previously unpublished articles in a single copy of up to 1.5 printed sheet (electronic version is obligatory). With the text of the article should be given abstract (100-150 words), keywords (5-6 words), a copy of the external reviews, stamped. External review is recommended to send by mail of Russia.

Information about the author should include: name, surname and patronymic fully; indicating the formation of a complete educational institution; position and place of work; degree and title; postcode UDC, title, abstract (100-250 words), keywords (8-10 words), authors (full), academic degree, academic status, place of work or study, position or year of education (department, college, university), country, city, business address/ home address, business phone/ home phone, e-mail address must be specified in Russian and English languages.

If the author has no e-mail address or phone number the editorial office of the journal for scholars Klio indicates their contacts and assumes responsibility for communication with the author of the publication. The fee is not charged to the graduate students. Possible publication will be in one to three months.

Publishing house does peer review all incoming materials on appropriate subject consisted expert review. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of peer reviewed material and have had for the last 3 years publications on the subject of peer reviewed articles. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and editorial office for 5 years.

Editorial office sends authors of submitted material copies of reviews or reasoned refusal (in case negative review for revision of article), and also is responsible to send the copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case getting a request.


The procedure for review of manuscripts of authors submitted to the journal for scholars Klio:

1. All incoming articles are preliminary examined by the chief editor of Klio.

2. Chief Editor distributes received to the editor material for in-depth examination of the members of the editorial board. Article authors are sent for examination in view of the scope of research interests, a specialty of historical contributors and members of the editorial board.

3. As a result of the examination, each member of the editorial board gives  to the chief editor a written report by volume in 1800-3000 printed characters.

4. In the case of negative review the text is sent to the author with the wishes of refinement or processing the text of the article.

5. When a positive review of a member of the editorial board is given the article is sent for further examination to the second expert – a specialist on topics studied in the article.

6. In the case of the negative review written by second expert article is sent to the author for revision or conversion.
7. In the case of the positive review of the second expert the question is discussed by members of the editorial board, which take a final decision on publication.
8. Chief editor personally decides in which of the numbers Klio an article would be published and the editorial office informs about it the author.



Meeting of the members of the editorial board for scholarls Klio is held 1 time in 2 months. Date of the meeting is determined according to consultation with the members of the editorial board. Passage of nonresident members of the editorial board to the venue of meeting is paid for by the Editor.
The participation in the meeting by correspondence through communication by on-line or by e-mail correspondenc—É is allowed.