Address from the Editor-in-Chief

Address from the editor Professor S.N. Poltorak to readers and authors of the journal for scholars “Klio”.


Journal for scholars “Klio” – an international scholarly publication.

2016 marks the 20-th anniversary of the establishment of the journal for scholars “Klio”.

Conceived once as a creative platform for Russian historians, our journal almost immediately became an international edition. Over these years scholars from 33 countries Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA ­– published their materials on its pages. “Klio”  is the organ of the International Academy of History and Social Sciences, and its Editor-in-Chief is also the chief editor of the International Academy.

Editorial board of the journal consists of the scholars from Australia, Canada, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, USA. They are world-known scholars, many of whom are engaged not only in professional relationships but are also united by long-term friendship. For example, last year the magazine “Klio” congratulated one of the members of its editorial board – a prominent Swedish historian Alexander Kahn, who had recently received the highest award from the hands of the King of Sweden. We are old friends with A. Kahn. He had visited our publishing office in St. Petersburg, he is idolized by my undergraduate and graduate students, who learn from his books.

The mission of our journal is to show the dynamics of the modern history in the world. It is facilitated not only by the solid volume of the magazine – 30 printers sheets and its frequency – 12 issues a year, but also by a materials on wide range of historical disciplines, including philosophy of history, historical psychology, source study, historiography, history of science and technology, military history, history, culture, etc.

From 2010 journal for scholars “Klio” from 2010 has been included in the list of VAK (Supreme Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation), which means its representation at the largest Russian information-analytical portal “Scientific Electronic Library». The journal “Klio” is indexed in the WorldCat, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences and the National bibliographic database Science Citation RSCI.

The team of our journal and members of the editorial board constantly monitor the content of the world’s leading historical publications. It gives us the opportunity both to observe the trends of development of historical thought and to uncover the historiographical lacunae allowing us to focus our efforts on the development of poorly-studied scholarly problems.
One of the main ideas of our journal is to tell the world scholarly community about the achievements of the Russian historians and at the same time to acquaint Russian researchers with the achievements of their colleagues from other countries. We strive to make the successes of different scholarly schools the public domain of historians. To this end, we not only publish works of leading foreign experts, but also offer our readers interviews with many of them. Only in the recent years, our journal offered its audience interviews with scholars from Germany, Israel, Canada and the United States. In the future this practice will be extended.

Journal for scholars “Klio” does not stop on its achievements and is looking forward to its prospects of living. Our nearest plans include strengthening scholarly ties with the historians from China, India, Japan, African and South American countries. We are going to significantly  expand the range of scholarly problems, illuminated in our publication. In particular, we expect to focus more on the issues of sources, archeology, special historical disciplines. At the same time, we believe it is inadmissible to use the History as an instrument of political struggle. History more than any other scholarship should contribute to the unification of scholars, regardless of their political or religious views. Most recently a member of the editorial board of the journal Professor V.A. Zolotarev was elected President of the International public organization “International community of associations – Friendship Societies of foreign nations”. For our journal it is yet another opportunity to better use the public force to facilitate scholarly cooperation. Journal for scholars “Klio” is ready to actively cooperate with the non-governmental organizations in order to integrate this title in the international scholarly community.

Focusing on the publication of high quality scholarly articles by leading historians of the world, we at the same time sought, and will strive to ensure that our magazine to become a creative platform for talented young scholars. Many prominent modern authors of “Klio” made their first scholarly steps in our journal 20 years ago as students and post-graduates. Time has proved the correctness of our position aimed at ensuring the continuity of scholarly work. The new generation of historians comes to journal for scholars “Klio” to continue their journey to the scholarly Olympus. We feel excited about this and are always open for talents!