The mission of the monthly journal for scientists “Klio” is to acquaint readers with the latest achievements of world-historical science, introduce a wide range of archival documents into scientific circulation, compare the effectiveness of various historical schools in the field of historical sciences – historiography, source studies, methods of historical research, world history, history international relations and foreign policy, national history, archeology, ethnography, ethnology, anthropology, the history of science and technology, military history.


The purpose of the journal is to provide researchers with the opportunity to study each other’s achievements, compare scientific results and use the journal as an international scientific discussion platform.

Editorial policy

The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at finding the most effective ways of historical research, at studying the experience of historians of different countries in the field of various historical disciplines in all the variety of application of scientific methods of historical knowledge.


  • maintaining a high level of scientific publications through a qualified examination of materials submitted to the editorial office, conducted by leading historians of different countries;
  • ensuring the publication of articles on a wide range of relevant scientific problems in the field of all historical specialties;
  • ensuring high efficiency of reviewing the materials submitted to the editorial office and familiarizing the authors with its results through the monthly publication of the journal;
  • creation of the most favorable conditions for the publication of innovative articles, especially in the field of theory and philosophy of history.