Klio #1 (85) 2014

Diaries, Memoirs

Vasenko P.G. (Saint Petersburg). Remeniscences about my life and past life (continuation; publication is prepared by V.V. Mitrofanov)………. 3

Continuation of recently found last work «Remenicences» written by famous native historian P.G. Vasenko. Interesting facts about Russian education development in the middle of 19 century. Biographical facts about his relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Key words: P.G. Vasenko, A.N. Tkacheva, reminiscences, boarding house, educanion, friends.


Source study

Eremeeva A.N. (Krasnodar) «Unfavourable Printing»: publication of educational and scientific works during the Civil War………. 12

Distinctive features of educational and scientific worcs publications in antibolsheviks rule regions.

Key words: The Civil War, White Russia, scientists, scientific publications, textbooks printing.

Solodkin J.G. (Nizhnevartovsk). About time and place of Pogodinsky chronicler creation (siberian book publishing culture at the end of XVII century)………. 16

Unique facts about joining «Kuchum Reign» to Russia. Keeping in one of the secondary varieties of «The Story of Siberia and Siberian capture by Savva Esipov-Pogodinsky chronicler». The manuscript of the XVII century was released from Sibirsky Prikaz (embassy office) thanks to Siberian rate of pay book (Okladnaya Kniga) published in1696.

Key words: Pogodinsky chronicler, his source, Esipov chronicle, Siberian rate of pay book, embassy office, Ermak, «Siberian capture», Kashlyk (old Siberia), Tobolsk.


General history

Heifetz V.L., Heifetz L.S. (Saint-Petersburg) Latin American «Left» movement and the Comintern
documents………. 20

Detailed funds survey of Russian archives, containing information about Latin American «Left» movement. Analyzing of possibilities to conduct investigation in different areas of «The Left Wing» in Latin America.

Key words: The Comintern, Latin America, archives, diplomacy.


National history

Grinev A.V. (Saint-Petersburg). Russian emperiors and Russian America (Dedicated to 400 years anniversary of Romanov dynasty………. 34

Analyzing of Romanov reign House representatives attitude to investigation and development of Alaska and Aleutian Islands, creation and functioning of Russian-American company and Russian colonies in the New World.

Key words: Romanow dynasty, geographical investigations, Russian America, Russian-American company, Alaska aborigines.

Kislitsyna I.L. (Saint-Petersburg). Bakunin M.A. anarchism premises in Russian national movement before and after the serfdom abolition………. 44

Histirical premisesof Bakunin M.A. revolutionary anarchism theory formation in Russian national movement, its content, main ideas and evolutionary tendencies aims of Russian peasants. Importance of the serfdom abolition. Bakunin’s anarchism was formed on the basis of analyzing and synthesizing of the main socio-political processes at that time.

Key words: The anarchism of Bakunin, populism, Russian peasants movement, Russian national world view.

Morozov V.B. (Saint-Petersburg). Tariff-contractual activities of the Trade union after the February revolution………. 49

Problems of tariff-contractual activities as the conciliatory means between employers and employees at that time as the first step in the social partnership mechanism formation.

Key words: tradeunions, a tariff contract, a collective agreement, social partnership, conciliatory means, the parity.

Avrus A.I., Kostayev E.V. (Saratov). The Mensheviks activities in inviting to International Socialistic conference in Stockholm in May 1917, the internationalism………. 53

Activities of «the revolutionary defensive» («revolutsionnoe oboronchestvo») the Mensheviks representatives, aimed on inviting to the International Socialistic conference in Stockholm with participation of all being at
war with or neutral ones during the First World war and following the principles of the proletarian Internationalism.

Key words: the First World war, socialdemocracy, internationalism, «the revolutionary defensive».

Ivanov V.A. (Saint-Petersburg) «Death for the Tsar» – the glance of the Bolsheviks on abolition of former footmen, personal guards, technical and service personnel of the last Romanovs 1920–1950………. 58

Biographies of very famous and unknown residents of Saint-Petersburg who surrounded the Romanovs after the Great October Socialist revolution 1917. In February 1953 there was the last attempt to eliminate such residents.

Key words: bolshevism, The Romanovs, «the former staff», social mimicry, political repressions.


The past of Russian regions

Brazhnikova A.S. (Orenburg) Authenticity of statistical facts given by the Orenburg governor in the 1870-s reports………. 64

The statistics formation process in Orenburg region is based on the annual governor’s reports and other preparatory statiatical documents. Heterogeneity of the factual material. The most believable information was received from the administrative institutions of the province.

Key words: statistics, the governor’s report, «Collection of the statistical facts to the governor’s report Act», historical source check.


Military History

Grebentchikova G.A. (Saint-Petersburg). The Caucasus sector of Nikolay the First marine Russian policy………. 66

The geopolitical Russian goals in the South in 1830–1840 were the colonisation of eastern coast of the Black Sea and conquer of the local residents. Russian forts and settlements were constructed in very hard conditions, accompanied by the armed Caucasus citizens.

Key words: 1830–1840, Nikolay the First, Andrianopolsky peace, Russia and Turkey, the Marine policy, geopolicy, fight for the Caucasus.

Volkovsky N.L., Marjina A.P. (Saint-Petersburg). The Cadet Corps in Russia: the past and present………. 74

The system of modern Cadet Corps formation in Russia and actual problems of education and upbringing of the cadets on the basis of analyzing the Russian empire experience.

Key words: the Cadets Corps, a cadet, the typology of the Cadet Corps, the principles of formation, the financial source, the procedure of admission, the departmental affiliation, class, the educational medium.

Molochnicov А.М. (Saint-Petersburg). The Strelets hundreds (sotni) in Smolensk defense 1609–1611. The statistical analyzing………. 82

The numerical strength of the army is still unknown. This aspect is discussed in this article on the basis of information from different sources about the Strelets groups of ten (desjatki).

Key words: 1609–1611, desjatniki( the leaders of 10 soldiers), the recruits, reference, pjatidesjatniki (the leaders of 50 soldiers), Smolensk, sotniki (the leaders of 100 soldiers), the Streletsky Prikaz (office), the Strelets, the numerical strength.

Kochegarova S.A. (Arhangelsk). The Tartu peace agreement 1920 and the «White» movement on the north-west of Russia………. 87

The last period of «White» fight on the north-west of Russia and the background of the Tartu peace agreement adoption in 1920. The attitude of pjlitical leaders of the bourgeois Estonia to the «White» north-west movement in Russia and the reasons of their coming together. The author widely used the materials of the State Estonian archives not used before.

Key words: The Tartu peace agreement 1920, Estonia, the Civil war, the «White» movement.


History of international relations

Ehtiari Charoimagi M.A. (Iran) The capture of the Port-Artur: the UK reaction and Russian-English agreement 1898–1899………. 93

Historical facts about the capture, The UK did not support the seizure, The Russian-English agreement 1898–1899.

Key words:Russia, England, China, Port-Artur, contradictions, Far East agreement 1898.

Nacharova E.J. (Moscow). The USSR and the Iran crisis in the UN( The Union Nations)………. 97

First steps of the USSR in the UN relevant to the Iran crisis, which was the first regionalcrisis of the Cold war. The author analyzers the role of the UN in the peaceful ending of the conflict, estimates the actions of the Soviet Government and their meaning for the further behavior of the USSR on the basis of the Security Council documents.

Key words: the USSR, the Cold war, The Iran crisis, 1946, A.A. Gromyko, A. Kavam.

Ukolova I.P. (Saint-Petersburg). Historical premises of the Russian armaments industry cooperation system formation with foreign countries and its information supply………. 100

Historical aspects of the Russian armaments industry cooperation system formation with foreign countries. All types of cooperation are under theconsideration, such as production and import of the arms, all possible ways of informatios supply realization.

Key words: the armaments industry cooperation, the military department, armament, information supply, the Head artillery administration.

Ponаmareva S.D. (Saint-Petersburg). «The Gas Question» and the Black sea navy in the Russian-Ukraine relations………. 105

The investigation of the Black sea navy and «The Gas Question» influence on the Russian-Ukraine relations. Ukraine and Russia are interdependant because of their geographical position and common history.

Key words: the Black sea navy, «The Gas Question», the gas crisis, the Russian-Ukraine relations, the Russian-Ukraine negotiations, cooperation the base stationing of the Navy.


Adjacent Disciplines

Pokrovsky A.K., Bashmakov I.A. (Moscow). The method and principles of Logistics as a tool for management structures system improvement………. 109

Logistics is a foundation of various productional system structuring methodology.

Key words: logistics, method, principles, production, improvement.


Historical characters

Poljanskaya J.N. (Saint-Petersburg). A.A. Sivers – Is a librarian of the Russian geneological society………. 112

The first attempt to characterize the foundation, completeon and movement of the «old» Russian geneological society. Big investment of A.A. Sivers (1866–1954) as a librarian- he introduced new archives documents.

Key words: Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Sivers, a geneologist Sivers, a librarian Sivers, the Russian geneological society, the library of the Russian geneological society.



Rudling P.A. (Lund, Sweden). Khatyn slaughter: historical polemics around the tragedy………. 114

The author attempts to reconstruct this event connected with the annihilation oj Byelorussian village Khatyn on the 22 of March 1943 on the basis of many archives and published documents.

Key words: Khatyn, Katyn, the Great Patriotic war, Byelorussia, partisans, nationalism.


Will be history tomorrow

Goldin V.A. (Аrhangelsk). Arctic geopoilitics: contemporary tendencies and perspectives………. 129

Geopolitical problems of Arctic region at the beginning of XXI century. Wide range of opinions and points of view on future development process, cooperative tendencies and counteracts are presented here.

Key words: geopolitics, international relations, Arctic, counteracts, cooperation, the Arctic council, the Barentz Euro-Arctic region.


Reviews of scientific editions

Davidov A.J. (Saint-Petersburg). Trade in the Russian empire (XVIII–XX centuries)………. 134

Very highly evaluated monograph by I.I. Rogozin. Progressive trade development in Russia stimulated effectively the national economy and prosperity.

Key words: I.I. Rogozin, A.G. Kurilov, M.L. Makarevich, trade, the Russian empire, XVIII–XX centuries.

Bazhanov D.A., Hutsieva V.V. (Saint-Petersburg) Russian Revolution in 1917: historical and historiographical problems………. 139

Analyzing of the antology contents of the conference «Russian Revolution in 1917», which took place on the16 of November 2012 in the State Saint-Petersburg electrotechnical university named after V.I. Ulianov (Lenin). Wide spectrum of reports, representatives of different generations, contemporary approach in discussions about various scientific problems.

Key words:1917, A.F. Kerensky, V.I. Lenin, the Great October Socialist revolution, the February revolution, political parties.

Levin D.J. (Saint-Petersburg).The Afroamericans and the country of Soviets: experience and comments ………. 141

An attempt to estimate the authenticity of Soviet realities in the memoirs of the afroamerican R. Robertson, who worked at the Soviet heavy industry enterprises in 1930–1974. The position of the afroamericans in the USSR.

Key words: Robinson Robert (1908–1988), an american specialist in the USSR, a toolmaker, the afroamericans in the USSR.

Zolotarev V.A. (Moscow). Four paradigms by A.A. Kokoshin………. 151

Taking under consideration the contents of monograph by A.A. Kokoshin, devoted to the A.A. Swechin activity. Successful attempt to substantiate the primacy of policy to the military strategy. Some links are designated between the military strategy and policy.

Key words: A.A. Kokoshin, A.A. Svechin, the military strategy, the military history, the military science, policy and military strategy.


Scientific life

Scientific conferences have passed

Smirnov V.G. (Saint-Petersburg). International conference «From Polar Escorts of allied nations to the contemporary international cooperation in Arctic»………. 155

This conference happened on the 25 of September 2013. The participants paid a lot of attention to the importance of historical experience and international cooperation in Arctic investigation.

Key words:Arctic, international cooperation, «Polar Escort», «marine heritage».

Future scientific conferences

«Worldwide conflicts: defining global and regional problems» (dedicated to the 100-anniversary of the First World war)………. 156


Letter to the Editor

Ganelin R.S. (Saint-Petersburg). The Passion and Customs………. 157