Klio #10 (82) 2013


Kropachev N.M. (Saint Petersburg). To the reader……… 3


Daudov A.Kh., Dvornichenko A.Yu. (Saint Petersburg). Studying the History of the University at the History Department……… 4

The article deals with the tradition of studying the history of  St. Petersburg University in the Faculty of History, provides an overview of the principal current research projects, and outlines some prospects for further work in this direction.

Key words: Petersburg University, St. Petersburg University history, the history of higher education, the history of science, Faculty of History of SPbU.


Academic University. The main pedagogical institute. 1725–1819.

Kostina T.V. (Saint Petersburg). The Space of University and Gymnasium of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences: sources for the history (1724–1805)……… 6

The article for the first time summarizes information (both from archival and print sources) about the buildings and rooms occupied by the University and Gymnasium of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences throughout 18th century – from palaces of P.P. Shafirov and I.P. Stroev at Petrovskaya embankment, temporary given to the Academy in 1726, to the Gymnasium house, specially built at the 7th line of Basil island in 1793–1794. For the first time are studied new sources on the accommodation places, taken by the students of the University and Gymnasium in 1726–1727; and on the distribution of the study, service and dormitory rooms at the Troitskoe podvorje in 1757 and Stroganov’s palace in 1766.

Key words: The Space of educational departments of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, History of Universities in Russia, History of Education.

Zhukovskaya T.N. (Saint Petersburg). Governmental strategy in educational policy and idea of University in St. Petersburg (1803-1819)……… 15

The author of this paper on the base of realized and unrealized projects of higher education schools investigates the problem concerning the changes of university model in total and ideal higher education school for the capital of Rusia Impire, which discussed in reform years of Alexander I. The model of higher pedagogical school in 1819 finally changes by university model in Saint-Petersburg, keeping the main functional and administrative special futures.

Key words: Russian history of first quarter of XIX cent., University history, History of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity and his predecessors. Organization and modernization of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity.


Empirial University. 1819–1917

Zhukovskaya T.N., Lubesnikov O.A. (Saint Petersburg) Governmental Policy and Corporation of St. Petersburg  University in pre-reform period: main results and problems of researching……… 26

The article is dedicated to experience of investigation the historiography of Saint-Petersburg University in context of reflection governmental policy in administrating of universities and social history of two corporations: students and professors in temporal bounds of pre-reform period. Authors presents main results of 200-years of historical studies and narration of University, notes non-decided scientifical problems in interpreting of development of
S.-Petersburg University as state establishment and social association before 1861.

Key words: Russian history of XIX–XX, Historiography, University history, History of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity.

Rostovtsev E.A., Barinov D.A. (Saint Petersburg). The Department of History and Philology of the St. PetersburgUniversity: problems of collective biography (1819–1917)……… 36

The article represents an attempt to outline the features of a collective biography of the professorial corporation of the Department of History and Philology of the St. Petersburg University (1819–1917). The authors base their research on the analysis of complex of main features and characteristics of the teaching corps, including number of professors and tutors, their career development, education, obtaining degrees, birth origin, marital status, publication and teaching activities, religious composition, etc.

Key words:St. PetersburgStateUniversity, the history of higher education, collective biography, history of education, prosopographic methods, University Corporation, the history of universities, History and Philology.

Barinov D.A. (Saint Petersburg). Collective biography of St.PetersburgStateUniversity studentship in 1863-1917: analysis of statistical data……… 42

This article is devoted to the exploration of social portrait of St.Petersburg State University studentship on the edge of XIX and XX centuries. It provides analysis of the number of students, their ethnical origin and social background. Changing in the students community were considered according to the students political movement and governments policy.

Key words:Russia history of XIX–XX centuries,  History of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity, studentship.

Tikhonov I.L. (Saint Petersburg). Archaeological collections at museums of The Imperial St.-Petersburg  University……… 49

St. Petersburg University Museum was established in 1841. N.P. Kondakov activated the University Museum’s life after he was appointed as curator. There was a group of his pupil and followers in museum – J. Smirnov, M. Rostovtzeff, S. Zhebelev, A. Schukarev, D. Ainalov, E. Redin etc. Museum possessed collection of different archeological materials taken after excavations. There was also a library and a rich collection of photos in museum. All the numismatic collections of the university of 1888 were combined into a separate fund – Mintz-cabinet. Archaeological collection and the library were also established at the faculty of History and Philology in the form of Archeological Study. The Archeological study provided excavations according to a very high standard and also produced some teaching materials. All the archeological Studies of the university had limited resources and premises for the collection. They used the collections primarily for scientific and educational purposes but had no possibility to present them to the public. In the 1920th – beginning of 1930th the most interesting and valuable parts of the collections were given to the biggest state Museums: to Hermitage, to Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography and to the museum of Staraja Ladoga.

Key words:St.-PetersburgUniversity, museum, collection, archeology.

Olesich N.Ya. (Saint Petersburg). The St. PetersburgUniversity on the Path to the Olympic Games ……… 54

At the end of the 19-th century and beginning of the 20-th one, Saint-Petersburg became the capital of Russian sport. Students, graduates and disciples of the Saint-Petersburg University did the or outstanding share for developing sport and transforming it into the common national property of the people. They paved the way to the Olympic Games and became their participants, brought up and prepared the first Olympic champion in Russia. The present paper is devoted to those students of the University whose names went down into the history of the world sport.

Key words: Saint Petersburg State University, sport, Olympic games.

Rostovtsev E.A. (Saint Petersburg). Capital University in the focus of the ministerial policy (1884–1890)……… 57

The paper examines the main factors of governmental policy in the university issue in the 1880s. and the progress of reform in the University of St. Petersburg, relating to the introduction of the new university Statute in 1884. The author shows that initially plans of Minister I.D. Delyanov aimed at establishing active control of the Ministry of Enlightenment over the educational system encountered the resistance of the professorial corporation. After 1887 (A.I. Ulyanov’s case), the main efforts of the Ministry of Enlightenment have been redirected to controlling the students, and the Ministry left attempts to interfere in the academic and educational sector. Thus, the professorial college succeeded in defending actual autonomy of the University under the action of the new University Statute.

Key words: University Statute of 1884, St. Petersburg State University, I.D. Delianov, the Ministry of PublicEnlightenment (MPE), history of higher education, history of science, the history of St. Petersburg University, Counter-reforms of Alexander III, university autonomy, the student movement, the revolutionary movement in Russia.

Ziborova E.O. (Saint Petersburg). Students’ surveys in the St. PetersburgUniversity in the beginning of the XX century……… 65

The article studies the students’ surveys that took place in the St. Petersburg University in 1903–1904, 1909–1910 and 1912. The work identify stages and trends in the questionarymovement in the Russian Empire.

Key words: Russian history of XIX–XX, University history, History of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity, students’ surveys.

Brachev V.S (Saint Petersburg). Student excitements at the St. Petersburg university of October-December, 1910……… 68

Article is devoted to the student excitements which have flashed at the St. Petersburg university in connection with death of L.N. Tolstoy and Egor Sozonov. The attitude towards them political parties and professorial corporation of university, and also influence of excitements on governmental policy in a university question is investigated.

Key words:St. Petersburg university, L.A. Kasso, student’s excitements, Lev Tolstoy, Egor Sozonov, professorial corporation of the St. Petersburg university.

Rostovtsev E.A., Andreeva V.V., (SaintPetersburg). Saint PetersburgUniversity crisis of 1911 in the mirror of Russian press……… 77

The article investigates the university crisis of January – March 1911 in the reflection of the Russian press. Basing on a wide material, and attracting newspapers belonging to different socio-political camps, the authors reveal the mechanism of formation of public perception of situation at St. Petersburg University. The researchers conclude that the image of the Minister L.A. Casso as a person unable to perform his duties, the minister, whose policies led to the turmoil and crisis of higher education, originally was created primarily in the pages of the press, and subsequently used at first by the Left and then by the liberal opposition.

Key words:St. Petersburg State University, L.A. Casso, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment (MPE), history of higher education, the Russian press, the crisis of 1911.

Dvornichenko A.Yu. (Saint Petersburg). G.V.Vernadsky and Petersburg historical school……… 88

In this article the author tries to find the connection between the prominent Russian historian-emigrant and the Petersburg historical school. He finds the influence of this school during the working of Vernadsky in St. Petersburg university in 1913–1917 and in the first period of the emigration.

Key words: Georgy Vladimirovich Vernadsky, St. Petersburg  university, Petersburg historical school, The History of Russia, emigration.

Khodjakov М.V. (Saint Petersburg). Ivan Mikhailov: The Origins of the political career of the future Minister of Finance in the government of A.V. Kolchak……… 92

The article describes the initial phase of the life and work I.A. Mikhailov – known Russian politician, economist, future Minister of Finance in the government of Admiral Kolchak. On the basis of archival materials, in particular, the personal file of a student of the St. Petersburg University Mikhailov, revealed some unknown facts of his biography.

Key words: I.A. Mikhailov, St. PetersburgUniversity, Faculty of Law, the Ministry of Finance Kolchak.

Gavrilova О.А. (Saint Petersburg). I.L. Solonevich: «I am more or less graduated from the St. PetersburgImperialUniversity …» (Student Experience comparative biography)……… 94

In an article on the well-known right-wing publicist Ivan Solonevich, provides estimates given to them by the professors of St. Petersburg University of the early twentieth century. The author reveals the concept of the Russian revolution, formulated Solonevich, and which reduces to the idea that the revolutionary changes in Russia were largely to blame for the representatives of the humanities.

Key words: I. Solonevich, L. Karahan, N. Krilenko, St. PetersburgStateUniversity, Faculty of Law, Russian Revolution.

Ratkovsky I.S. (Saint Petersburg). From Vilnius to St. Petersburg: the First graduates of the Vilno school in Saint-Petersburg University……… 99

The article gives the analysis of connection between the First Vilnius Gimnasium and Saint-Petersburg University in the 19th century. Periods of the history of gymnasium are distinguished, and fates of its graduates are examined.

Key words: Vilna, the First Vilna gymnasium, History of the Saint-PetersburgUniversity, Polish liberation Movement, Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Ziborov V.К. (Saint Petersburg). About diplomas and certificates of the graduates of the Bestuzhev Courses……… 102

On the basis of the personal archive the author examines complications which the Bestuzhev Courses in St. Petersburg were experienced in the system of higher education of Imperial Russia.

Key words: higher female education, Bestuzhev’s courses, diploma, certificates.


Univercity in the XX century

Krivonozhenko А.F. (Saint Petersburg). The Process of sovietization of the Petrograd university in 1918–1922……… 104

Article is devoted to reviewing of a course of Sovietization of Petrograd university in 1918–1922. Special attention is paid to detection of line items of university and the power in 1918 on a problem of a university autonomy, the analysis of tools on Sovietization of higher education institutions which were used by Narkompros. In this context activities of working faculty of Petrograd university and reforming of education in higher education institution in 1919 were considered especially explicitly.

Key words: the higher education, Petrograd university, reform of the higher school, faculty of social sciences, Petrograd.

Petrov V.V. (Saint Petersburg). «His work was great and his life was bright…» V.B. Tomashevkiy: the first Communist Rector of LeningradUniversity. 1926–1927……… 109

This biographical article is dedicated to the life and the works of the prominent scientist and scholar, linguist and orientalist Vsevolod Bronislavovich Tomashevskiy (1891–1927). The article is mainly based on the unpublished documents of Saint Petersburg archives. Special attention is paid to the period when V.B. Tomashevskiy held administrative posts in Leningrad State University, in particular, the Rector’s post (1926–1927), thus becoming the first Communist Rector of LGU.

Key words: V.B. Tomashevskiy, LeningradUniversity, BakuUniversity, Volga-Caspian Military Flotilla, Administration of the Plenipotentiary of Narkompros, sovietization, linguistics, the Ossetic language.

Ziborov V.К. (Saint Petersburg). The war pages of biography the university teacher……… 112

The article is dedicated to the unknown facts of biography of assistant professor of Leningrad State University V.N. Belanovskiy. Since 1941 to 1945 he took hart in the Second World War as a lecturer of The Political Administration of Leningrad Front, rapidly went to the front line and sometimes participated in military operations, for example, in august of 1943 on the Sinyvino Hills. The author examines the unpublished memoirs by V.N. Belanovskiy about the Second Word War from his personal collection.

Key words: the Second World War, the Leningrad Front, propaganda, historian on front.

Petrov I.V. (Saint Petersburg). The Faculty of History of The Leningrad State University in the 1930s in memories of Nikolai Nikolaevich Rutchenko-Rutych. (To memory of N. N. Rutchenko-Rutych 04.1916–04.05.2013)……… 113

The Faculty of History of The Leningrad State University in the 1930s in memories of  the famous emigrant historian of the White Movement and History of Russia in the XX century, political and social figure, an ardent anti-communist N.N. Rutchenko-Rutych is the subject of this article. By virtue of his memoirs we can reconstruct every day life, hopes and aspirations of students in this period, their political preferences, attitude to the Soviet regime, repressions, changes in the University, scholars and teaching courses.

Key words: History of Saint Petersburg State University, 1930s, N.N. Rutchenko-Rutych.

Konokhova А.S. (Saint Petersburg). Student political protest at the Leningrad state University in the 1950s and 1960s……… 117

In the article main streams and tendencies of student political nonconformity in the period of «thaw» and the first years of «wasteland» in terms of Leningrad state university are analyzed. Besides the author touches upon methods of struggle with «unhealthy» student’s mood. The author tells about big dissident organizations and unknown occurrences of student protest in the university using archive documents of CPSU and Komsomol, memoirs and interviews with actors of those events.

Key words: protest, wasteland, dissidents, students, Leningrad university, «thaw», XX congress of CPSU, M. Molostvov, V. Ronkin, magazine “Colocol”, VSHSON.


To the 125th Annuversary of professor S.N. VALK

Tsamutali А.N. (Saint Petersburg). A few kind words about S.N. Valk……… 121

The publication is a text of the speech represented at the meeting dedicated to the memory of S.N. Valk. A.N. Tsamutali recalls S.N. Valk as a person, scientist and educator, talks about the creative and social atmosphere of the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State University and research institutions in 1950–1970s.

Key words: S.N. Valk, the St. PetersburgUniversity, LeningradStateUniversity, St. Petersburg historical school, LOII, St. Petersburg Institute of HistoryRussianAcademy of Sciences, history of science, history of higher education, memories.

Ganelin R.Sh., Chernukha V.G. (Saint Petersburg). Sigismund Natanovich Valk — the 125th anniversary of his birth………124

The publication appears to be the text of the report at a meeting of the Academic Council of the St.-Petersburg Institute of History of Russian Academy of Sciences dedicated to the S.N. Valk’s 125th anniversary.

Key words: S.N. Valk, Petersburg historical school, LOII, St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences, Soviet historiography.

Dvornichenko А.Yu. (Saint Petersburg). S.N. Valk and Saint-Petersburg university……… 126

This article devoted to the significance of the St. Petersburg university in the life and in the creation activity of the prominent Russian scholar S.N. Valk. The author analyses his formation as a scholar in the university and his work in it.

Key words: Sigizmund Natanovich Valk, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) university, Petersburg historical school.

Priimak N.I. (Saint Petersburg). About the letter of S.N. Valk to A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky [1915] ……… 130

The article deals with the relations of the famous historians A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky and S.N. Valk as a teacher and a disciple.

Key words: S.N. Valk, A.S. Lappo-Danilevsky, St. Petersburg university, diplomatics, archaeography.

Sverdlov М.B. (Saint Petersburg). He taught by his own pattern ……… 133

Memories of the author are limited by the experience of study in the University and by professional interests. Professor’s Valk mode of life continued traditions of Russian intellectual of the beginning of 20th century. He joined the best traditions with his innovations in his studies in historiography of Pravda Russkaya, in historical sources, in special historical disciplines and in publishing of historical literature of 18th century. He joined in his university teaching well-wishing to students with great insistence on a high standard.

Key words: Traditions, innovations, well-wishing, insistence on a high standard, intellectualism.

Dmitrienko (Fedorova) Т.S. (Saint Petersburg). S.N. Valk in my life……… 135

The author shares memories of S.N. Valk as a historian and professor at Leningrad University, gives a vivid description of his teaching style and personal qualities.

Key words: S.N. Valk, University of St. Petersburg, Leningrad State University, Petersburg historical school.

Tkachenko I.V., Ivanova V.I. (Saint Petersburg). Memories about Professor Sigizmund Natanovich Valk by former students, graduated in 1957 from the Department of History of the LeningradStateUniversity……… 136

The article contains the memories represented by students graduated from the Department of History in 1957 about their classes with professor S.N. Valk, and his seminar «Sources on the history of peasants and working class of the XVIII–XIXth centuries in Russia». The authors also trace the fate of the most famous pupils of Professor Valk.

Key words:LeningradStateUniversity, history of Russia, history of high education, history of teaching, S.N. Valk, memories.

Rostovtsev Е.А., Shishov V.О. (SaintPetersburg). S.N. Valk in the scientific information space of the late XX–early XXI century……… 138

The article based on materials of databases of RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) and «Web of Science» analyses the nature of use and citation of works by S.N. Valk in the modern Russian and foreign scientific journals in comparison with the leading historians of his generation, and suggests the impact of corporate memory on the demand of the various parts of the creative heritage of the scientist.

Key words: S.N. Valk, Saint PetersburgUniversity, commemoration, scientometrics, history of science, history of higher education.


University research. Chronicle.

Sosnitsky D.А. (Saint Petersburg). History of The St. Petersburg University in virtual space……… 145

The main object for research in this paper was the representation of history of St. Petersburg State University in the network space. We consider the online resources on the history of The University and prospects of development of this method of promoting corporate history. Along with the St. Petersburg University, the article also examines the condition of network resources on the history of Russia universities and other ones around the world.

Key words: history of St. PetersburgUniversity, corporate history, Internet resources.

Potekhina I.P. (Saint Petersburg). «And after all this, – what’s it been? That makes me miss it so and need it?» (I.M. Graves and his disciples in the book by A.V. Sveshnikov)……… 149

The review analyzes an attempt undertaken by A.V. Sveshnikov to reconstruct relationships formed within the Petersburg school of medievalists in the early XX century. It notes extremely informative and refunding research and originality in the interpretation of the scientific school as a specific social group.

Key words: St. Petersburg University, Department of General History, St. Petersburg school of medievalists, medieval history, I.M. Graves, historiography.

Kalinina Е.А. (Petrozavodsk). Book review «We know what the war means …»: memories, letters, diaries of universitarians of the war years……… 152

The review provides a brief overview of the content and highly evaluated the publication in which placed an extensive documentary material (including, diaries, letters, memories) on the history of Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) University during the great Patriotic War.

Key words: Great Patriotic war, memoirs, diaries, letters of the war years, the collective memory of the universities of the war.

Ansberg О.N., Kostina Т.V. (Saint Petersburg). On the tenth anniversary of the Seminar on the History of Higher Education……… 154

The review describes the activities of the Seminar on the History of Higher Education, created in 2003 with an initiative of the St. Petersburg Scientific Society of Historians and Archivists. In course of the seminar proceedings there were discussed over 40 papers on state educational policies; student history; history of tuition in specific scientific disciplines, educational institutions and their departments; biographies of professors. Since 2007 the Seminar is based at the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg University, and invites to participate everybody interested in the subject matter.

Key words: History of higher education, History of education, History of science, professors, students, University history.



Anniversary of Professor V.A. Kutuzov……… 156

In the article, dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of the famous Saint-Petersburg historian V.A. Kutuzov, tells about scientific activity of Vladislav Alexandrovich, his achievements, which are highly valued by colleagues and the state.

Key words: V.A. Kutuzov, history of the Siege of Leningrad, faculty of history SPbGU.