Klio #7 (79) 2013


Document is published for the first time

Levin D.E. (Saint-Petersburg). Posthumous editions of works of N.I. Kostomarov in letters to A.L. Kostomarova, S.N. Shubinsky and A.N. Pypin………. 3

For the first time the letters of a historian widow A.L. Kostomarova contain information about the contribution of the author to the publication and bibliographing of works of N.I. Kostomarov.


Diaries, memoirs

Chetverikov B.D. (Saint-Petersburg). «Stezhky-dorozhky» (The pathways) (continuation)………. 15

The autobiographical novel by B.D. Chetverikov tells us about the writer’s life that can be called «the outline» of the history of our country in the 20th century.


Source study

Mitrofanov V.V. (Nizhnevartovsk). «The desire to give to the next generation…»: P.G. Vasenko and his «Memories»………. 27

In the basis of the work – new archival materials that reveal unknown pages of the creative
biography of the outstanding scientist, the beloved disciple of S.F. Platonov. – P.G. Vasenko.

A content, brief introductory remarks, the beginning of the first Chapter and excerpts from the second Chapter of a previously unknown work of the historian «Memories of my life and the past life» are published.



Potapova N.V. (Vladivostok). Foreign historiography of the development of Evangelical Christianity and Baptists in 1917–1922 on the Russian Far East………. 34

Considers the basic stages of development of foreign historiography and subject research on the
history of Evangelical Christianity and Baptists in Russia
in general, and in the Russian far East in particular. In the works of foreign scientists of XX–XXI centuries of period 1917–1922, biennium stands out, as for the first time studied denomination received freedom of religion, were equalized in rights in the Russian Orthodox Church, but not yet faced with the constraints imposed by the atheistic position of the Soviet authorities.


General history

Kamari D.M. (Volgograd). Herodotus and Strabo on the Iberian Peninsula………. 40

The article presents an incomplete analysis of the works of Herodotus and Strabo on the Iberian Peninsula. The author draws attention to the fact that the ancient authors largely proceeded from the concept of «barbarism and civilization», which envisaged the creation of a negative assessment of the main competitors of the Greeks on trade – Phoenicians.

Guskov E.A. (Saratov). Imperial cult in the Praetorian cohorts………. 43

The article considers some aspects of the Imperial cult in the Praetorian guard, mainly conditions of its development and veneration imagines rulers. 

Pronyakin D.I. (Saint-Petersburg). The Empire and the Church: Eastern variant………. 47

This article gives characteristics of Empire of Charles the Great, the Holy Roman Empire and the Western Christian Church, is analyzed the evolution of the relationship between them, reveal causes of the crisis in XIV–XV centuries and decline in XVI.

Novikova I.N. (Saint-Petersburg). The role of Sweden in the transit trade of the Entente in the years of the First World War………. 54

The article deals with one of the insufficiently studied subjects of the First World War – the role of neutral Sweden in transit trade of the Entente. The author comes to the conclusion that the policy of Sweden in the transit question answered to Swedish national interests, and was that by allowing the transit cargo movement better to provide the country with the necessary materials.


National history

Solodkin Ya.G. (Nizhnevartovsk). Moscow in spring 1586 (the sequence and chronology of the excitements common people of «reigning city»)……….. 64

Contrary to the view of many historians, the author tries to show that the siege of the Kremlin in the
middle of May 1586 not followed the performance of the provincial people against groom B.F. Godunov
at the square before the Palace of the facets, but, on the contrary, was preceded by negotiations
between the princes Shuysky and Godunov with the participation of the leaders of the Moscow

Abramidze Т.Z. (Saint-Petersburg). Russian geopolitics in the Caucasus in the first half of the XVIII century and geographic works of Vahushti Bagrationi………. 68

The article analyzes the situation in the Caucasus in the late XVII – beginning of XVIII century. The author draws attention to the fact that the accession of Georgia to Russia provided her independence from Turkey and Persia.

Gavrilina N.А. (Tula). The role of the orders of the public assistance in the field of education in the XVIII – early XIX century………. 71

The article is devoted to creation in Russia of a state system of care in the second half of the XVIII century. In each province of Russia were created orders of public charity, which controlled the development of education, medicine, care of the disabled and the elderly.


The past of Russian regions

Burkov V.G. (Saint-Petersburg). The history of the state symbols of Karelia………. 75

Based on information drawn from published documents, as well as extensive foreign and
domestic historiography, the author analyzes the history of the state symbols of the Republic of

Kublova S.А. (Kursk). The activities of organizations of the Red Cross of Kursk region in 1934–1939……….. 77

In the article involving extensive archival material analyzes place and role of organizations of the Red Cross on the territory of Kursk region in the training of troops for the red army. The author has given high estimation of the work.


History of science and technology

Bochinin D.А., Losik А.V. (Saint-Petersburg). Design and manufacture of hydroplanes in Saint-Petersburg in 1910–1920………. 81

The article examines the creation and construction of aviation industry of Saint-Petersburg-Petrograd naval aircraft. Analyzes the creation of a Russian (Soviet) aircraft designer of seaplanes D.P. Grigorovich, who has been in the design and production of flying boats of world recognition. Assesses the high aerodynamic and seaworthiness quality of  hydroplanes «М».


Military history

Grebenshikova G.А. (Saint-Petersburg). The black sea fleet under Alexander I: problems and
achievements……….. 84

Modern problems of the black sea fleet and its increased relevance at anybody does not cause doubts. Created under Empress Catherine II, he announced himself with a number of high-profile victories. Under the successors of Catherine the black sea fleet has undergone various changes, but its functions remained the same – to ensure the security of the Empire, defense of the southern borders and the reflection of attack of the opponent.

Kochegarov S.А. (Arkhangelsk). Interaction between the White army and the troops of the Republic of Estonia during the Civil war in Estonia in December 1918 – February 1919………. 99

The article is devoted to the history of one of the aspects of the war against Lithuania at the turn of the
1918-1919 – to interaction of troops of young Estonian Republic and the Russian white troops
of the Northern corps (later – North-western army). While working on this article were used the documents of the State archives of Estonia (Eesti Riigiarhiiv), as well as recent works of contemporary Estonian historians.

Ganin А.V. (Моscow). The Bolshevik leaders of the military experts-general staff………. 104

The article shows the content-analysis of the published heritage of V.I. Lenin, L.D. Trotsky, I.V. Stalin in connection with the mention of them the military experts-general staff, compiled ratings of references, parsed character of references, conclusions about the attitude of the Bolshevik leaders to the representatives of the pre-revolutionary military elite was made.

Sherbakov Yu.V., Chernuhin V.А. (Saint-Petersburg). «Gunners! Calling us homeland…»………. 108

Article sheds light on the little-known issues associated with organization in 1945 in Moscow exhibition on the problems of the development of artillery of the red army in the years of the Great Patriotic war.


History of culture

Shafazhinskaya N.Е. (Моscow). Historical milestones in the revival of spiritual culture in Russia: to the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus………. 111

The feast of the 1025th anniversary of the baptism of Rus on 28 July 2013 , according to the author, will be an important factor in the revival of spiritual culture in Russia. As considers N.E. Shafazhinskaya, the Church began to recover for many people in its pure meaning – as a spiritually-moral sense-forming and cultural-forming base of life, family, state and society.

Kubanova Т.А. (Saint-Petersburg). The appearance of the man in the mythological representations of traditional peoples of Siberia at the turn of XX–XXI centuries. Certain aspects………. 115

The publication presents new information and myths associated with man’s appearance, popular at the turn of XX–XXI centuries among some representatives of the tunguso-manchzhursky language group. In the article are used the publications of well-known ethnographers, folklorists, linguists and materials of field researches of the author.


History of law

Simonyan R.Z. (Кursk). Public Prosecutor’s supervision over the activities of police officers during the
initial inquiry on the stage of preliminary investigation in the second half of XIX – beginning of
XX century………. 118

The article is devoted to the history of interaction of bodies of the Prosecutor’s office and the police during the course of preliminary investigation, concluded that the inquiry on the crimes police officers in pre-revolutionary Russia were directly dependent on prosecutors and their associates.


Historical characters

Pavlov V.E. (Saint-Petersburg). The Zagryazhskys, the Stroganovs and the Pushkins (genealogical
essay)………. 123

Based on the analysis of historiographical information the author has traced the kinship of the Pushkins, Zagryazhskys and the Stroganovs, by giving them the compilation scheme of pedigrees.

Kotov А.E. (Saint-Petersburg). Two «Russian Alcibiades»: К.N. Leontyev and S.S. Tatishev………. 125

The article is devoted to comparative analysis of the life and the creative heritage of the two national publicists conservatives: K.N. Leontiev and S. Tatishchev.

Stanulevich N.А. (Saint-Petersburg). New information about Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorski and his activities in 1898–1907……….. 129

The article cites facts from the life and activities of S.M. Prokudin-Gorsky for the period from 1898 to 1907. According to the author it is in that period saw the maturation of Prokudin-Gorsky as gifted photographer-a practice that has created a lot of color photos, glorified him.



Kviciani D.D. (Tbilisi, Georgia). The problem of integration of Abkhazia with the Soviet Georgia in 1921–1991 (socio-cultural aspect)………. 133

The author analyzes the research in Georgian, Abkhazian and Russian post-Soviet historiography concerning the Abkhazian problem. Traced the process of the Soviet socio-cultural modernization in Georgia-Abkhazia, during which, according to the author, were laid out the main causes of the conflict in Abkhazia, occurred in the early 1990s.


Will be history tomorrow

Makhova A.V. (Saint-Petersburg). Modern nationalism, its characterization and classification………. 140

The article is devoted to the role of nationalism in the modern political reality. Analysis of the causes
of aggravation of nationalist sentiment in recent decades is made. The author gives a detailed classification of the types of modern nationalism and analyzes their distinctive features. The article discusses concepts such as nation, ethnic group, national identity, and provides a variety of scientific views on these matters.

Heyfec V.L., Heyfec L.S. (Saint-Petersburg). Violence in Mexico: the successes and failures of the right-conservative Cabinet of the first decade of XXI century………. 143

The article analyzes the phenomenon of violence in Mexico in the period of «democratic transit» (after the transition of power from the Institutional Revolutionary party leading the country for almost 70 years, to the National Action Party).


 Reviews of scientific editions

Petrov А.Yu. (Saint-Petersburg). Review on the monograph of А.B. Efimov and О.V. Lasaeva «Aleutian and North American diocese under Sainted Tikhon»……….. 148

The book describes the life of the Aleutian and North American diocese in the period from 1898 to 1907,
when it was headed by Bishop Tikhon (Belavin). Describes the parishes in the inner regions
of the USA and Canada. Describes the conduct of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in 1917–
1918. The book is based on archival sources. The book is intended for historians and wide range of readers.

Suni L.V. (Petrozavodsk). Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (to the 110-anniversary of the oldest historical journal of Finland)………. 149

The publication analyzes the activity of the oldest historical journal of Finland – «Historical journal», the author gives the appreciation of his contribution to the development of historical science.